Interface Plugins

All interface plugins make use of the CoDaBix® API. Each interface provided is registered and administrated by the CoDaBix® Interface Manager.

Such interfaces can be:

  • RESTful applications (see REST Interface Plugin)
  • Scripts (see Script Interface Plugin)
  • other subsystems (see OPC UA Server Plugin)
The CoDaBix® API is extended by interfaces. Each interface does therefore extend the accessibility of CoDaBix® for other platforms and technologies. Additionally, there is the option that an interface makes use of the CoDaBix® Interface Model. Hereby the CoDaBix® Interface Model extends the basic CoDaBix® Entity Model with typical interface entities.

In this case the interface entity defines the subordinated entities for control, settings, the status of the plugin and the various channels, via which the plugin interacts with CoDaBix® or other platforms.
Each interface plugin delivered with CoDaBix® is directly and exclusively configurable in the CoDaBix® Host application. If a plugin has configuration parameters, those can be modified in the according interface entity.

Using CoDaBix®

The entire configuration of all interface plugins can be found under the Node path /System/Interfaces. This root Node of the interface plugins allows the complete configuration of the interface plugins, provided that one of the actively used interface plugins supplies its own interface entities for the configuration.